Pacific Charter School

Windy Hollow Farms, a farmstead of parents from a Pacific Charter student, hosted us for an evening in their super cool guest cabin. We were happy to be under a roof as that night was the beginning of the small storm coming through the North Bay. The middle of the night was an audible experience with the sound of zebras next door and the farmstead living up to its name.

At Pacific Charter the next day we were able to squeeze in some running around before the rains came back.  And how crucial that was - these kids have some bottomless energy!

And the following night at Gualala River Campground was clear and ripe for shooting the stars.


Idea of the day: 

A peddle-powered school bus! The more students that ride the bus, the easier it gets. 

We love it!

And coming in a close second...

A bunny treadmill that powers your electronics. 

Powering your gadgets, growing your own food, and having soft furry friends - excellent stacking of functions!

Contemplative creativity from Pacific Charter!