Freshwater School

Cycling all day to this [Saltwater} view, we arrived in the early evening at the home of Tom, the superintendent of Freshwater School, and his wife Barb's house to spend the night with them before our workshop the next day. Not only is Tom the superintendent of Freshwater School but he's also an amazing fisherman, cook, host, and a real zen-minded guy. We were fed a delicious locally and personally caught salmon and halibut cooked to perfection while sitting next to a little flame and chatting with Justin Wallace, the teacher of our 5th grade class to be workshopped the next day. 

The students were super fun and extremely interested in participating with us, and we had no difficulties keeping them engaged.

Freshwater School = thoughtful and captivated!


One of our students, Dillon, pictured here on the left had super hero powers for nature observation! He seemed to find and be fascinated by every little creature in the garden, no matter how small or well camouflaged. Keep it up Dillon! Curiosity is a window to deep understanding.

Even though we had a slight run-in with some yellow jackets, we feel that it was an excellent learning experience for them and us. Surely a day not to be forgotten soon! Looking forward to seeing what grows out of Freshwater.