Big Lagoon School

We were greeted with a wonderful surprise from Big Lagoon School when we cycled past the campus the night before our workshop.


Big Lagoon was such an amazing experience. Dana Hope became our angel of accommodations and coordinations. We had a lovely campsite right on the edge of the lagoon and were met with open arms by the school. 

Big Lagoon has a pretty amazing location and they are taking full advantage of it! The lagoon offers them a place to explore their local ecosystem in a super cool and engaging way. They have a surfing program, lots of kayaks and canoes, and plenty of heavy duty rain gear.

We ended up spending an entire day with these kids, getting some quality time in for their filming. They were super excited to become the filmmakers and we're looking forward to reviewing their footage when we get home!

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 20.20.16.png

Outside endured an epic battle between the "Master of Pollution" and the "Eco-Controller of Sustainability". If you want to know who wins, stay with us on our journey!