Sequoia Elementary

Our first workshop together! We visited Sequoia Elementary School in Santa Rosa on two occasions to run workshops for two classes of spectacular fifth graders.

They agreed to be our guinea pigs as we worked out some of our kinks in workshop flow, and we feel that we've both gained immensely from the experience. We even managed to intentionally embarrass ourselves with a little funky dance.

The feedback we received from Sequoia Elementary was extremely positive and a great affirmation to the trials of our project. Here's what principal Matt Reno had to say about the experience.

As Principal I was impressed with my teachers first hand account on the activities she described. 

"A highly engaging activity had the students in a circle and they began naming things that require energy and give energy in our world. Each person that named something (everyone) then held a piece of the rope (creating a web). All the things they named were natural things (plants, sun, trees, bugs, animals, etc). Then the naturalists said they were going to introduce a human into the ecosystem they created together. They asked a volunteer to lay on top of the web they had created. This really gave kids a picture of all the ways the natural world around us supports us as humans. Then they had people let go depending on what happens in the ecosystem. For example, if there is a drought, then plants begin to die (the plant person let go of their corner of the rope) and we saw that the human will begin to fall through the web." 

This was Great illustration about how we depend on the ecosystem and how we should take care of it so it will take care of us. 

We feel it was enlightening to the kids to realize that they can use energy in a more conscious way and that we depend on the Earth and should care for it. It brought real life application to what they have been learning about.  In addition, our students loved being part of the filming, not just in front of the camera, but also behind it.

Thanks for the great experience, we were reminded about the important life lessons found in sustaining our world and the role each of us have with it for years to come.

Thanks Matt! Your words and willingness to participate are inspiring to us.