Los Olivos Elementary

We were hanging with a group of 16 really kind-hearted and friendly 5th graders. They loved the games we played with them and subsequently taught us some of their own.

During every break almost the entire school came out to the field to play what they called "crazy ball" which to me looked like a giant mess of a game of soccer. There were no boundaries, no rules against using hands, and it was boys against girls. Marika and I joined in and I pretended as though I didn't still have a broken toe. 

An entourage of small humans moved quickly to anywhere the ball appeared, kind of like swarm behaviour in birds or fish, but then add the sound of 50 screaming children. Confirmed - crazy ball is crazy.

Our ride to Los Olivos took us through a 3 hour journey of dusty and traffic ridden big ag land. We were a little dirty to say the least, arriving at the school to find out they didn't have a shower. Since there was no camping in the area, they offered us the library to sleep in and we washed our heads in the sink that night.  Even still, Los Olivos Elementary had us smiling the whole time we were there.

A lot of really cool ideas came out of these kids. How about an evaporation collector? Or a solar concentrator so that more sun is captured by solar panels? Or a wind powered helicopter (that uses its own wind resistance to generate power)? Not sure about the logistics of these ideas but they sure are creative and have me thinking.


The school also had a pretty sweet little garden right in the middle of their campus where they had signs about the importance of even some of the smallest creatures... bugs. And since it was the day before Halloween, we decided to take a group photo showing our most ghastly selves.