Carmel Middle School

Yet another school with an Environmental Team! We spent the day with 5 highly engaged, fully invested 7th and 8th graders who had so many things to tell us about their school efforts.

For example, here are two of the students from the Environmental Team telling us about their friend Billy, one of the compartmentalized trashcans on campus. The school was offered brand new trashcans that have already built-in compartments for recycling and compost, however Carmel Middle decided instead that it would be more sustainable to reuse and revamp the cans they already had. They took an all school vote on what to name the trashcans so that the entire student body could be a part of the story of the waste system and therefore have more ownership over their waste streams. Well played Carmel Middle.

The school campus is neighboring a really incredible organization called MEarth which hosts six weeks of ecoliteracy for the sixth graders every year. The grounds of MEarth include a large organic garden, a LEED certified green building for indoor classes and  food preparation, water catchment, an outdoor amphitheater, a bee garden, a pond habitat, greenhouses, worm bins, owl houses, a native plant nursery, and a local watershed explorable display. I wish we had pictures of all of that, but it was drizzling and we had a 26 mile ride still on deck for the day. 

On top of all that, Carmel Middle also has a program called Food for Folks which sends any lunch leftovers to the homeless shelters.


Our subsequent cycle took us to Andrew Molera SP where we camped out for the night next to this tree under the milky way.