Valencia Elementary


Valenica Elementary is also an Ecoschool and they even have an eco team with about 30 students. We showed up to the eco team gathered in a circle talking about their favorite experiences in nature. Naturally we wanted to join the circle.

On top of having an eco team that were already clued in to many ideas surrounding sustainability, this school has a trash and recycling team that put on special jumpers and sort the waste stream during break times - how consciously cool!

And then there was this super creative and completely original strategy of zipper tag that we've never seen before...

We also had the pleasure and in some cases leisure of a very brief third team member, our buddy Jacob Scheidler. He was the perfect (temporary) fit for our project as he has already been a part of bike tours that teach about sustainability - the Sustainable Living Bike Tour. Thanks for joining us Jacob!

Idea of the day: A bicycle powered smoothie maker