Pescadero Elementary

Catching this sunset the night before our visit to Pescadero Elementary had me climbing over barbwire and navigating some hole ridden terrain with a broken toe. The southerly moving fog rift kept itself at a distance, keeping me slightly warmer as the sun set behind it. We had a lovely yurt and outdoor shower for the night via the WarmShowers network. Thanks John and Rhea! It was very comforting to know we wouldn't be kicked out by park rangers in the middle of the night.

Arriving at Pescadero Elementary in the early morning, the fog was just starting to break giving us a view of some pasteur grazing livestock on the slope just behind the playground. The whole school gathered up into a circle to do some morning check-ins and stretches as we brought our workshop gear into the 5th and 6th grade classroom.

Again we are blown away with one of the students answers to our superhero question at the beginning of the day. One of the girls wanted her superpower to be able to make anyone happy when they are sad. Well you've just made me happy with my sad little broken toe.

They had a great school garden with a garden sign to beholden and not to mention some pretty awesome murals that the students do anew every school year. All they need are technicolor dalmations and Lisa Frank has herself some new employees. 

The girl just below on the left was really keen on all things sustainable and had a lot to share with us. She was one of the most in the know 5th graders I've ever met. We're quite curious to see where her mind is in 10 years! Great work Pescadero Elementary!