Bonny Doon Elementary

Our dear friend Gina connected us up with a family that lives up in Bonny Doon where we were able to pitch our tent for the night. I trekked out into the surrounding forest, or I should say, remnants of a forest, which had been recently burned in an accidental fire. Even though a fire seems to devastate an area, it's a crucial aspect of a healthy ecosystem, that if allowed to happen regularly, keeps the fuel ladder at bay, adds carbon to the soil, and is extremely generative for new life. Heres a couple of stills of the progression of light change over the coarse of a couple hours.

Arriving at Bonny Doon (our first Ecoschool!) we were met with a super enthusiastic group of students and a teacher who knew how to manage their energy well. Before we start our workshop, Miss Holiday has the students go for a quick run to the edge of campus and back where she is ready and waiting with a spray bottle to mist them in the face. Slightly out of breath, they are content to sit and listen for a few minutes.


The campus was beautiful, situated among pine forests with redwood groves and an open courtyard style setting where the kids interact between classes. The school was fully equipped with solar power, a life lab (garden), chickens, and an orchard.  They were very conscious of reusable items and almost every single student had a reusable lunch box. Thanks Bonny Doon for helping to keep our landfills smaller.

Superpower of the day: to be able to reduce carbon emissions