All Saints

All Saints in Carmel was a day full of ingenuity and excitement. Being an Ocean Guardian School, the students are very aware of some of their actions and their subsequent effects. For example, they have a water fountain that adds up over the coarse of its life exactly how many plastic bottles full of water they have been drinking. This way they have a sense of the amount of waste that they could have been generating if they weren't using a fountain. 

The school has a wonderful garden with a giant cob/brick oven that was cooking up some focaccia bread. It was hard to pull myself away.

Another example of sustainable awareness had to do with energy use. One of the students knew about the continuous draw of electricity from most electronics that are plugged into an outlet even when the appliance is turned off. The student suggested that we make smart charging devices that know to stop drawing electricity when the electronic device is off or fully charged. Seems completely right and possible to me!

Or our absolute favourite idea - energy generating trampolines! I know of whole buildings full of trampolines that would love this idea.

How about roads that draw electricity from the movement of the tires over them? Or towels that show you how many paper towels you are saving?

These 6th graders are blowing our minds.

As a final note, one of the students raised his hand to point out a banner hanging in the classroom. He read it out loud, "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."