Sherman Elementary


We had the privilege of working with the green team, a small group of 3rd through 5th graders. We were really blown away with the unending stream of thoughtful creativity coming from some of these young'ns.

One of the students loved playing soccer and came up with an idea to have a soccer field corridor all the way to school. Excellent!

Or how about a moonlight amplifier so that they can light up more places by directing and amplifying the natural light from the moon. Way cool!

And my favourite idea, a windmill that looks like a giant flower and the leaves are solar panels. What!? Why does this not exist yet? 

Here's just a few more ideas….

A magnetic train, reusable diapers, an outdoor grocery store, a food cloner, compostable shovels, plastic free plastic, energy generating pajamas, solar powered erasers, solar powered recycling, solar powered everything!

And then out in the garden, these girls came up with an elaborate story about what happens to an evil farmer who doesn't share his organic food with anyone. Stay tuned to find out!