Greenwood School

On our leisurely way to Mill Valley, we stopped here for a rest and time-lapse of the wild marsh lands with Mt. Tamalpais in the distance - just one of many stellar bike paths that wiggle through Marin. That night we stayed with our lovely friends Mimi and Devin and had even lovelier donuts the next morning. Sorry friends, but our best friends right now are pastries.

We got to hang out with a super intelligent and slightly goofy group of 7th and 8th graders at Greenwood School the next day - our kind of crowd! This was our first time running the workshop with a group of students all older than 6th grade and it was really enlightening to us to see how our program translates to different developmental stages. 

In the beginning of the workshop we always ask the kids 'if they could have any superpower, what would it be?' We had the sweetest response we've heard yet, which was the superpower to make other's wishes come true. He's making our wish come true by being super awesome.


Our favourite teaching moment from the workshop came during an activity to connect as many words as possible that we have written on the board. One of the students drew a loopty loop in a line to connect two words instead of drawing a direct line from one to the other. 'Why did she do that?' we asked her. 'Because it's more fun!' That's it - exactly the point! Its not always about where you're going, but how you get there. If it was about where I was going with this sentence, then all I'd have to do is put a period. That would be quite a boring post indeed and ultimately would lead you on a journey of unending ellipses………………...