Everything is interconnected. Without one thing, everything changes.


I thought it was amazing how we did the web of life: how we realized all the other sorts of life hold humanity up.


I know I probably should have waited longer to email you, but I was so excited and I just couldn't help myself. I had the best day ever with you! Isn't it amazing how two people and two bicycles can change the world? So many people spend their time wishing that they could when they can. But they don't try! You are one of those unique people who do try. Instead of wishing for it, you go for it. You believe in yourself, and you are determined. You know that the only way goals can be accomplished is by trying. The world needs heroes like you to save the planet when it's in trouble. It's like comic books where Superman saves the world. It doesn't take Superman to save the world. All it takes is determined and confident regular people. Remember in the very beginning of the day where we talked about superpowers? You don't need the power of flight or invisibility or invincibility or meat vision. You just need a dream to accomplish. Thank you so much for visiting our school.


I love the project SOS because I love how they travel the coast of California teaching kids on sustainability and how to take care of the earth. It is still unbelievable that they are doing this project with so many schools and somehow my class got chosen, It's such a cool idea to come up with.



I would like to thank SOS for giving me the opportunity to try a new experience. I loved what Cory and Marika had taught me about how Earth is amazing and we should pick up the trash!


SOS was so inspiring and made me want to go and hug a tree. I am so grateful for our earth, and they made me so happy that I could make a difference to help our planet be even more beautiful than it already is.



I know that you have greatly inspired me to go off and save the world. Up until when you came to our school, I had always dreamed of doing that (note that I said "dreamed"). I had only dreamed because I thought that I was too young or too childish to go around the country to say something important. Now, when you two came in only to tell us you've been biking across the state, you may as well have been a superhero in my world.


What are educators saying about SOS?

David Allen

Teacher Pacific Valley School

The kids "had a blast", and learned a lot. They gained a real holistic perspective of what it is to live sustainably, and how every "seemingly insignificant" individual can easily help to contribute to saving our planet and its ecosystems… and how creative systems-thinking can amplify the positive effects of our efforts. Your material was a perfect parallel and link to my recent Science units about systems, food/resource webs, and life cycles. I will plan further hands-on creative activities to expand this consciousness.

Kevin Day

Teacher All Saints Day School

SOS plants the right handful of seeds into the fertile soil of how you do school. You and your students will feel both embraced and challenged to think critically and creatively about how we can re-design, re-learn (unlearn?) and re-conceive of what makes for transformative classroom learning.

I observed a few of our students who typically stay on the margins of the class discussions and activities dive in more authentically into the happy fray of the work before us. This was as happy a surprise for me (a teacher) as it seemed to be for their classmates, who were delighted to see another side of their personality emerge.

Our students found themselves thinking aloud, thinking together, collaborating, team-building, and (gasp!) having a fun day of active learning at school. I am eager to see what SOS seeds will sprout as our year unfolds, and we turn to our daily rhythms and routines of doing school with new eyes.

Karen Richmond

Teacher Valencia Elementary School

A hands on experience with thought-provoking activities that showed the students several things: the value of accomplishing a task,  problem solving with a group vs. alone, and how every living organism has a strategic role to play in the earth's sustainability. We now see concrete actions we can take to aid in keeping our earth sustainable.

Matt Reno

Principal Sequoia Elementary

As Principal I was impressed with my teachers first hand account on the activities she described. 

"A highly engaging activity had the students in a circle and they began naming things that require energy and give energy in our world. Each person that named something (everyone) then held a piece of the rope (creating a web). All the things they named were natural things (plants, sun, trees, bugs, animals, etc). Then the naturalists said they were going to introduce a human into the ecosystem they created together. They asked a volunteer to lay on top of the web they had created. This really gave kids a picture of all the ways the natural world around us supports us as humans. Then they had people let go depending on what happens in the ecosystem. For example, if there is a drought, then plants begin to die (the plant person let go of their corner of the rope) and we saw that the human will begin to fall through the web." 

This was Great illustration about how we depend on the ecosystem and how we should take care of it so it will take care of us. 

We feel it was enlightening to the kids to realize that they can use energy in a more conscious way and that we depend on the Earth and should care for it. It brought real life application to what they have been learning about.  In addition, our students loved being part of the filming, not just in front of the camera, but also behind it.

Thanks for the great experience, we were reminded about the important life lessons found in sustaining our world and the role each of us have with it for years to come.

Becky Koch

Teacher Brookside Elementary

The theme of "connectedness" runs throughout our day. The kids are now observing how events in History connect to current events. They have also made observations of connections in Science & History. They even found connections in Math & History.

Julie Hanft

7th and 8th grade teacher Greenwood Elementary School

The workshop material related to our current curriculum by connecting to sustainability issues and learning how to communicate.

The [Schools of Sustainability] workshop was a great opportunity for the students to hear from people outside the school about sustainability issues in a hands-on way.

Laura Barnard

5th and 6th grade teacher Monte Rio Elementary School

5th grade science has the ecosystem and environment portion that is always hard to jump in and do stand alone, so having this workshop and a project that follows is great. 

The [Schools of Sustainability] workshop is a great way to launch a new sustainability component to your school programs. Even if you are just engineering it and trying it out for part of the year, it is a great overview and discussion. Loved the resource videos of other schools!