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We provide 2 half-day filmmaking workshops

At the heart of the SOS program lies the desire to inspire students to learn about the world and how we can take care of it, reframing the association with sustainability to be one of endless design opportunities. Developing a deep understanding of interconnectedness, the students learn how sustainability is something they are a part of and something they can create change within. Through the lens of real world challenges, the workshop is designed to empower the students to use their innate creative abilities and share their ideas. Filled with team challenges, group discussions and hands on activities,  students will learn the framework and technical skills needed to create compelling stories and make short films about them. 

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We begin the conversation around sustainability, finding inspiration, and how to cultivate creative ideas. Through games, short films, and group activities, we aim to foster a sense of global interconnectedness and an interest in active participation. After a creative brainstorming session we will explore the art of storytelling. Students will be building the foundations crucial to making their visions visible to others.


During this workshop, the students will be guided through the various aspects of turning their stories into short films. We will explore the details of what makes a compelling film, learn technical skills with professional film equipment, integrate school technology, setup a green screen, capture ideas with cameras we provide, cover the basics of editing, and introduce helpful apps for the filmmaking process.

"WOW! What a great message and great workshop! I think the students got to see environmentalism in action while being able to get hands on and creative!"  Heather Farrell  - Science teacher Thousand Oaks High School
"This workshop provided students with the opportunity to collaborate in groups and think critically about current issues in sustainability. Technology was incorporated for students to express ideas and develop skills using and applying different tools and programs. Students were 21st century learners focused on tackling relevant and important social and environmental challenges that our world faces today."  Nicole Schlumberger  -  7th grade teacher Orchard View School

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